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        4.對于其他生產廠家,從非正規渠道采購發動機成套的發電機組,存在著未經重慶康明斯發動機有限公司應用安裝評審、產品質量不受控的風險 。所以這些發動機不能享受重慶康明斯發動機有限公司的保修服務。




    Chongqing Cummins Engine Company Ltd.
    Announcement of Powergen Market

      Recently, some individual engine manufacturers participated the bidding in Powergen market with the fake GOEM Certificates of CCEC, and it not only cheated the end customers but also disrupted the marketing order. Moreover, it damaged both the interest of the customers and the reputation of CCEC seriously. In order to prevent the occurrence of these phenomena, Chongqing Cummins Engine Company Ltd. especially makes following statement.
      1. According to the sales channel management regulations of CCEC, the engines assembled to Powergen Sets can only be sold to CCEC's contracted GOEMs, and the GOMEs are only allowed to sell the Powergen Sets assembled with the engines to customers and GOEMs are not permitted to resell the separate engines to any other parties.
      2. For the contracted GOEMs, CCEC issues the GOEM Certificates of CCEC annually. The detailed 2017 GOEM Name-list of CCEC is attached at below.
      3. For the contracted GOEMs, CCEC will provide related supports on products technology, engineering
    and after-sales service for them.
      4. For the other manufactures assembling Powergen sets with engines purchased from informal channels, which are without the official approval of Engine Installation & Review prior to application. And the risks may be aroused due to products quality is out of control. So, these engines cannot enjoy the warranty service policy of CCEC.

      Chongqing Cummins Engine Company Ltd. has been always committed to providing high quality and dependable products for our customers. Here is our kindly reminder to our customers: In order to protect your interests, please purchase the Powergen Sets from the contracted GOEMs of CCEC .

    It is hereby announced!

    Chongqing Cummins Engine Company Ltd.
    May 31, 2017

    請點擊此鏈接下載文件: 2017年GOEM 證明書名單 - 公告板.xls
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